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Why They Won’t Subscribe: Troubleshooting Your Mailing List Offer

Troubleshooting Your Mailing List Offer

Let’s talk about mailing list offers. You know, the little extra free item you offer in exchange for somebody subscribing to your mailing list. I recommended that you set up an offer for your mailing list in an article about how you could grow your author platform, and many of you took that advice to heart and went for it.

Since then, though, many of you have written to me to say that the whole mailing list offer thing just isn’t working out. You have it all set up but you’re not seeing any change in your mailing list’s growth. What gives? Was my advice wrong?

Well, first of all, let me assure you that I stand behind my advice 100%. You most definitely should have a mailing list offer and I still say it’s one of the best ways to build an author mailing list. But there might be some things you need to fix before this strategy will really work for you. And that’s what we’re going to look at today with four reasons why your mailing list offer isn’t working.

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Ideas for Building Your Author Mailing List

Ideas for Building Your Author Mailing List

Last time, we looked at the “holy grail” of author marketing: the mailing list. This incredible tool gives you the potential to reach lots of people in one fell swoop every time you launch a new book. It’s like having a built-in line of folks waiting to come purchase the new books you’ve released.

Sounds really great, but you might be wondering exactly how you’re supposed to build up your author mailing list. After all, if you just started one since reading my post a couple weeks ago, you’re probably looking at the number of subscribers and thinking, “Big line of people? This list is so small it’s not worth sending anything to!” And as you start out, that’s how it feels. So today, let’s look at some ways you can build that list into something you feel accomplished about every time to send out an e-mail. Continue reading Ideas for Building Your Author Mailing List