The newly revised and expanded edition of Finding the Core of Your Story coverFinding the Core of Your Story is now available on Amazon!

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Learn to use loglines, a Hollywood story tool, to strengthen and sell your story, whether it’s a novel, screenplay, song, comic book, or even an opera. Written so that anyone can follow the techniques and examples, whether you’re new to loglines or you’ve already had some experience with them.

This revised and expanded edition features four brand new chapters, where you’ll learn to use the Handy-Dandy Three-Sentence Trick when you get stuck, apply logline concepts to an entire series, discover how to bring out your unique non-story hook, and find out why you might want to write a logline for each of your characters. Also includes an expanded chapter on crafting your pitch, a new introduction, and all-around tweaks to make this the best edition of Finding the Core of Your Story yet.