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Five Ways to Promote Your Book That Won’t Cost You a Dime

Download these lists of KDP deal sites where you can submit your sale for free. A total of 50 websites where you can promote your book!

Five Ways to Promote Your Book for Five Dollars

Here are lists of KDP deal sites that you can pay to guarantee your deal’s inclusion in a mailing or on a featured section of the site. A total of 46 websites!

Also, here’s a list of 18 websites where you can pay to feature your book even if it’s not on sale.

Five More Ways to Promote Your Book

Download 4 templates for sharing Amazon reviews on social media.

How to Plan Your Promotions

Here are five six-month schedules for promoting your self-published book:

  • Light Promotional Plan (This one is good for if you don’t have a lot of time, but still want to make sure you’re doing something every month.)
  • Heavy Promotion Plan (This plan gives you something to do every week for six months.)
  • Five Dollar Plan (With this plan, you’ll only spend $5 per month.)
  • Review Focus Plan (Zero in on getting more reviews for six months.)
  • Christian Genre Plan (There are many deal sites with a Christian-specific focus. If your book falls into that genre, this plan could be for you.)

How to Ask Bloggers to Review Your Book

Use this template to track the reviewers you’ve contacted and are planning to contact. It includes space to record when you’ve contacted a reviewer, when you’ve sent a review copy of your book, and where to find the review.

How to Make Your Amazon Description Stand Out

Three templates to help you make a really snazzy Amazon description. Make your description look like this:

Ultimate Description

Two Ideas for Authors on Facebook

Use this Photoshop template to create great images to use in your Facebook posts.