Loglines in the Wild

Loglines in the Wild coverLoglines in the Wild is available on Amazon.
Only $10.95 (printed) or $3.99 (Kindle)!


More logline know-how from the author of Finding the Core of Your Story!

Writers everywhere have learned to pitch their stories more effectively with Finding the Core of Your Story. Now author Jordan Smith is back with Loglines in the Wild, a first-hand look at the process of creating a great story pitch.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Eight complete case studies drawn from consulting sessions done with independent authors and filmmakers. Each case study highlights a different facet of logline craft and guides you to a better understanding of the logline process. See how a logline can help you with an early story idea, a first draft, and a published manuscript.
  • Six new chapters of logline tips and tricks not covered in Finding the Core of Your Story. Learn the important difference between your hook and your twist, a quick trick for selecting the perfect adjective, how to punch up a logline with the consequences of your conflict, and more!
  • Three tricks for spotting and fixing the clunky parts of your logline, and three ways to get a boost in the early logline drafting stage.
  • A glossary of frequently used story-pitching terms so you can sound smart with words and phrases like setup clause, protagonist, and B-story.
  • The fastest-ever crash course in the art of loglines—just in case you need a refresher or you’ve been uninitiated to this story-pitching tool of awesome. Get up to speed in about five minutes!

If you’ve ever wondered how pitching your story works in real life, Loglines in the Wild is for you. Grab your copy and get loglining today!