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Welcome, stranger! This blog is my best advice to independent authors about how to do book marketing the smart way. My goal with every post is to give you detailed, well-researched, and useful information on what really works in the marketing world. Since you’re new here, I thought you might like a guide to some of the highlights. So, without further ado, here are some articles that I consider the must-reads of Fix My Story.

The Number One Way to Build Your Author Mailing List

If you only read one article here, choose this one. In this post, I explain the best strategy I know to build an author platform and increase your sales.

How to Optimize Your Amazon Search Keywords

How to Optimize Your Amazon Search Keywords

This is the ultimate guide to choosing great Amazon search keywords to make it possible for your book to show up in search results and generate more sales!

Does an Author Really Need a Mailing List?

Author Mailing List Image

Spoiler alert: you do need a mailing list. This post explains why. When you’re done with that one, don’t miss the follow-up article of Ideas for Building Your Author Mailing List.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Price for Your Book


The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Price for Your Book

Learn how to approach setting your book’s price rationally with real data, rather than spitballing and hoping you get it right.

How to Format Your Amazon Description to Stand Out


A look at the powerful technique of using HTML styles in your Amazon description. Learn how to make your description look like this:

Ultimate Description

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