And the Winner Is…

I’ve had a wonderful week launching the revised and expanded edition of Finding the Core of Your Story. You have downloaded my book an insane number of times, and many of you have entered my giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card. Speaking of that giveaway, it’s time to choose a winner!

I’ve used Rafflecopter’s handy-dandy random winner chooser. The winner is…

Leah Hoffmaster!

Leah, I’ve already sent your digital gift card. Thank you, everyone, for participating!

A few more things:

First, I’m still taking pre-orders for signed print copies of Finding the Core of Your Story until December 22. If you want one, be sure to order before then.

Second, if you have a friend who could use some logline know-how, I’ve got a free way you can get them jumpstarted. The free sample I have for Finding the Core of Your Story is the entire Quick-Start Logline Chapter, designed to give anyone the basics in the time it takes to read about six pages. You are welcome to pass that around to anyone you think could use it.

And third, I have an account over on, which is a neat little site that lets authors digitally autograph Kindle books. It sounds like fun and I really want to give this thing a try, so if you’d like me to “sign” your Kindle copy, visit my Authorgraph page and request an autograph.

2 thoughts on “And the Winner Is…

  1. *tosses confetti* Congrats, Leah!

    If you would be so kind, I’d love to hear how Autograph works for you, Jordan, after you’ve given it a test-run. I’ve heard of it and amn’t sure whether or not it’s worth looking into.

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