Loglines in the Wild Is Here!

Loglines in the Wild coverLast month, I let you know that my new book would be launching on June 8. Well, that day has rolled around and Loglines in the Wild is now available!

Several years ago, after the I released my first book about loglines (a logline is single-sentence story pitch), Finding the Core of Your Story, I worked with many authors to create story pitches for their novels. While helping people write great loglines, I kept getting questions about how the process really looks in practice. The examples in Finding the Core of Your Story were largely drawn from finished films and books, which means that it’s easier to see how a logline comes together, but more difficult to see the process.

That’s where Loglines in the Wild comes in. In this new book, I’ve written eight case studies using real in-progress stories that you aren’t familiar with, which lets you see the whole process of loglining from start to finish. Looking at these case studies can help you a get clear look at how you might logline your own story. Plus, I’ve also included six new chapters of logline tips that weren’t in Finding the Core of Your Story.

Loglines in the Wild is available today on the Kindle store for a special introductory price of $2.99. Next week it’s going up to $4.99, so grab your copy now!

Also, to celebrate, Finding the Core of Your Story is on sale this week for $0.99.

Get a Free Copy of Loglines in the Wild

Finding the Core of Your StoryEveryone likes a free book, right? Until June 30, I’m offering a free Kindle copy of Loglines in the Wild to anyone who leaves an Amazon review on my first book, Finding the Core of Your Story. Once you’ve done your review, send me a link using this form and I’ll get back to you with your free book. (Already reviewed it? Cool, and thank you! Send me a link and I’ll give you a free copy.)

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